I practice a more gentle form of chiropractic. I employ an in-depth approach which is specific to the patient’s individual needs.

I take the time needed to discuss and to treat each of my patients. Often, it is beneficial for the patient to begin with more frequent visits, followed by less frequent visits as the body takes back its strength, while undergoing a neurological re-education to train it to move with ease and efficiency.



I can help you detect what kind of irritation you are living with now in oder to then be able to offer appropriate care. I can be a first gateway to receiving care and then guide you toward the best type of help in accordance with your needs (it is entirely possible to combine different kinds of care).

This approach allows work on the body at a number of levels, according to the principle that the body remembers events like emotional or physical traumas and keeps them in memory until it is given the necessary resources to be able to manage them well. Personal evolution and maturity as well as my help can provide these necessary resources.

We use many different metaphors to express what we feel, i.e.: I have a knot in my stomach, I have a rope at my neck, I have a rod in my spine, my breath has been cut off, etc. Sometimes these expressions are not far from the truth. The body registers all that it is told, i.e.: I am good for nothing, I’ll never learn, etc. These thoughts are also stressful for the body. Therefore, if no concrete action is applied, the body will retain all this stress in its memory and, one day or another, this stress will manifest itself physically in a variety of ways (a knot in the stomach, a rod the spine, etc.).

The chiropractor should be considered as a first line resource, not only to treat an unbearable pain, but also as a preventive means for maintaining overall well-being.



At the time of your initial exam, I will evaluate your posture and your movements, I will ask you questions about your previous, family and medical histories as well as your general lifestyle. I will also take this time to verify your spinal restrictions by palpation. After having gathered all the following information, including the needs you would like to have met, I will tailor a treatment plan for you. There will also be a first treatment offered during this initial visit.

The interval between sessions varies depending on the significance of your problem. If your problem causes you a lot of pain and prevents you from functioning normally, the sessions will be scheduled more regularly (for a few weeks), and later, they will spread out depending on your needs.

Even if you feel strong pain and that it appears to have just recently presented itself, in most cases, it is highly likely that several factors are related, and combined together, have contributed to the situation you are presently experiencing. Once I have deciphered the origin of your problem, I will be able to improve your situation. This also depends on the time, money and energy you are able to invest in yourself.